Burrowing [verb]

Definition of Burrowing:

dig a hole

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Sentence/Example of Burrowing:

The burrows were most likely dug by some kind of giant worm, the researchers conclude, because they lacked the hallmark pellets lining crustacean tunnels and had smoother lining than bivalve tunnels.

The burrows were about 2 meters long and 2 to 3 centimeters wide.

The range of nonmammals using the burrows is “incredible,” especially given the reptiles’ broad appetite, says Sophie Cross, an ecologist at Curtin University in Perth, Australia who was not involved with the research.

What’s more, the nests were part of a warren consisting of dozens of twisting burrows, each made by a single monitor and arranged in the soil like dozens of fusilli noodles set vertically.

Some animals are using the burrows for overwintering, Doody says.

In fine weather, it may take just 3 days to finish the burrow, which extends up to 36 feet into the bank, ending in an earthy chamber.

And after that Grandfather Mole couldn't resist burrowing in the loose earth now and then.

On the occasion referred to, some of our men, in their burrowing, threw out a considerable quantity of asbestos.

Not enough, perhaps, to start a stampede with—but enough to keep wise old hermits burrowing after it.

Thus it is that brave men carry their crosses, and smile with the fox burrowing in their vitals.