Bursa [noun]

Definition of Bursa:

tote for carrying personal items

Synonyms of Bursa:

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Sentence/Example of Bursa:

The chief of this caravan was called Hoyarbarach; he was a native of Bursa, and one of its principal inhabitants.

She came up out of the stern like some hibernating brown animal of the bursa family.

The navicular bone and bursa and the tendon of the perforans also suffer from the effects of compression.

The tissues of the bone and bursa are insufficiently nourished, and the secretion of synovia lessened.

Here the plantar aponeurosis, the navicular bursa, the navicular bone itself, or the pedal articulation may be injured.

Although not a joint in the strict sense of the word, we, nevertheless, intend here to consider the navicular bursa as such.

In some instances lameness is mixed as in joint ailments, involvement of the bicipital bursa (bursa intertubercularis), etc.

This synovial bursa forms a smooth groove through which the biceps brachii glides in the anterior scapulohumeral region.

Chronic inflammation of the bicipital bursa is occasionally met with wherein both members are affected.

Swelling of the tissues contiguous to the bursa is present and pain is evinced upon manipulation of the parts.