Bursary [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Bursary:

With some financial scheming, and the presentation of a bursary, Camille was entered a student at the college of Louis-le-Grand.

But I found a very necessary stimulus in the details of the examination for the bursary.

He had gained a small bursary, and gave lessons when he could.

For such heresy he ought to be sent with a bursary to a seminary for priests—but enough of that.

And at the gate he waved his hat in the air, and cries, 'The Jamieson Bursary.'

He lost his bursary on the way home with it, and still he strutted.

I competed for a bursary, and was fortunate enough to secure one.

During the first session of attendance at the University, he gained two prizes and a bursary on Archbishop Leighton's foundation.

He was also fortunate enough to hold a bursary in St. Leonard's College, which, however, is a blunder.

He was a peasant lad, a penniless bursary student at Edinburgh University.