Bushes [noun]

Definition of Bushes:

shrubs; woodland

Synonyms of Bushes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bushes:


Sentence/Example of Bushes:

Bordering them were great quantities of berry-laden snow-berry bushes, of which I am very fond.

As they were passing a place where the bushes grew thickly by the side of the road, they received a gruff command to halt.

The advance had to be carefully made, for the country was rough, wooded, and covered with a dense undergrowth of bushes.

Our hero smiled as he waved his hand to his companions, and, turning away, was soon lost to sight among the bushes.

He went out into the garden, and the rustling of the laurel-bushes frightened him.

The bushes seemed to burst into smoke and flame, and then came a crashing volley in return.

Quick as thought, the two cannon were run forward and a storm of canister swept the bushes.

The skirmishers crept carefully forward, and at the word poured a volley into the bushes across the stream.

Bright-coloured birds flew about among the bushes, but they had no songs for Alila and the hunter as they passed along.

What we shall do if an Indian springs from behind the bushes, or a crocodile comes out of the sedge, I don't know.