Bushing [noun]

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If a piece of brass tubing, an old bushing or a cored piece is at hand, a part of the work is already done.

The type shown at A employs a molded porcelain as an insulator, while that depicted at B uses a bushing of mica.

In assembling the battery, the cover is placed over the post, and the cell connector is burned to both post and bushing.

The rubber bushing is grooved horizontally to increase the length of the sealing surface.

This will make a perfectly tight seal, provided that you screw the bushing up tight.

Insulation between the posts and cover is provided by a hard rubber bushing, a hard rubber washer, and a soft rubber washer.

This forces the soft rubber washer tightly against the cover so as to make a leak proof joint-between the bushing and cover.

No one could tell us anything about packing, bushing in a slough or managing a pack-train.

Concerning the refilling or "bushing" as it is termed of the peg-holes, a few words may not be out of place.

From the front end, toward the split chuck, the body is counterbored ⅝ inch and the bushing D driven in tight.