Bushy [adjective]

Definition of Bushy:

shaggy, unkempt

Synonyms of Bushy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bushy:

Sentence/Example of Bushy:

His face was hidden beneath a beard of bristling, bushy red, and he had a sharp hook nose and small, bright eyes.

Was it some one who had watched the swift, sure-footed spring of a bushy-tailed squirrel from branch to branch?

After that he and Mert, as by a common thought impelled, climbed out and went over to a bushy live oak to confer in privacy.

These travelled follows are outrageous bores, with their bushy moustachios and outlandish lingo.

He noted plenty of small ones but their short, bushy tails revealed colthood.

As he was advancing towards the plantation, Grace Morgan came out of a bushy knoll and confronted him.

The Rough Red was a big broad-faced man with eyes far apart and a bushy red beard.

We have seen some of different sizes, with various coloured hair, and more or less bushy.

The colonel was a tall gaunt man, with high cheek-bones, bushy eyebrows, and white hair.

Both carry their tails turned backwards, the hair of which is long and bushy.