Busied [verb]

Definition of Busied:

be busy with

Synonyms of Busied:

Opposite/Antonyms of Busied:

Sentence/Example of Busied:

You’re very busy, so you walk into the ER and say each person gets five minutes of time irrespective of how sick they are.

For some publishers, 2020 has ended up being a surprisingly busy year for events, albeit online and virtual rather than in-person.

In the immediate future, manufacturers are busy making up for those shortfalls.

Under-resourced public health departments busy responding to the pandemic have fallen short on measuring exactly where gaps in vaccination are occurring.

The question at hand, she said, was how to keep her son busy and learning after he finished his classwork.

Privacy experts with deep understanding for Martech are now more needed than ever, as the complexity of Martech alone kept companies busy beforehand.

For weekend lunches, family gatherings become full-day affairs with tamales and slow-cooked stews like olla de carne, while rural and beach restaurants are at their busiest.

You’re busy worrying whether you have everything you need so your marketing strategy can ensure the biggest possible chunk of holiday traffic and generate maximum sales.

He was originally recommended to us by a close friend, and a small group of us keep him pretty busy.

Some 660,000 passengers departed from Eastern Iowa Airport in 2019, making it only the nation’s 115th busiest, according to Transportation Department data.