Businesses [noun]

Definition of Businesses:

job, profession

Synonyms of Businesses:

Opposite/Antonyms of Businesses:

Sentence/Example of Businesses:

During the war both the printing and publishing businesses suffered from shortage of personnel, of metal, and of paper.

So to the office till night, and then home and to write by the post about many businesses, and so to bed.

Lay long in bed, and so up and abroad to several places about petty businesses.

Thence to my office all the afternoon as long as I could see, about setting many businesses in order.

Then my law businesses for Brampton makes me mad almost, for that I want time to follow them, but I must by no means neglect them.

So to the office, where late putting papers and my books and businesses in order, it being very cold, and so home to supper.

So, well pleased for once with this sight, I walked home, doing several businesses by the way.

So I up and to my office doing several businesses in my study, and so home to dinner.

He being gone, my wife and I did walk an houre or two above in our chamber, seriously talking of businesses.

Up and ready, and all the morning in my chamber looking over and settling some Brampton businesses.