Businesslike [adjective]

Definition of Businesslike:

efficient, professional

Opposite/Antonyms of Businesslike:

Sentence/Example of Businesslike:

Barbara Sutton stood in the doorway, a small but businesslike revolver in her hand.

His dealings with the Continental princes, mainly in regard to shipping and commerce, were conciliatory and businesslike.

The thousands of tourists who come annually are handled in a most businesslike manner.

Mabel Andrews came once to a meeting and in businesslike fashion explained the Red Cross dressings and gave a lesson in bandaging.

"I'll get my coat and hat," Sara Lee said, and proceeded to do so in a brisk and businesslike fashion.

The two columns were about two hundred yards apart, and their brisk and businesslike advance did the heart good to behold.

They might have been partners from the beginning of time from her businesslike manner of criticizing the paper.

Mildred's heart beat rapidly as he handed her a large, businesslike-looking letter and went softly out again.

From its face he turned to that of his office nurse—the one hardly less businesslike in expression than the other.

The face that flashed on the screen was businesslike and determined.