Bussed [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Bussed:

The sloop was afterwards replaced by a larger store vessel, called the Neptune Buss.

Wouldst have her come, and lick thee like a Calfe, And blow thy nose, and buss thee?Mor.

Had opportunities been given, Buss would have cancelled these plates, and prepared fresh ones of his own etching.

It is not recorded whether Buss and Dickens became personally acquainted, nor, indeed, that they ever met.

As a painter of humorous scenes and historical events, Buss gained considerable popularity.

She took an' buss'd me right frontin' of all them jewlarkers, an' airter she 'uz gone I sot down an' had a good cry.

Buss's illustrations were executed under great disadvantages, and are bad.

This was the district schoolhouse, that we all remember and is now used as a barn by Mr. Buss.

Who could say whether Vanity Fair would ever have been written had this mighty penman been chosen to succeed Buss?

He carried, besides the fearful blunder-buss of the night before, a belt full of pistols and hatchets.