Busted [verb]

Definition of Busted:

ruin, impoverish

Synonyms of Busted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Busted:


Let go





Sentence/Example of Busted:

Oh, how you hate shredded tires, check-engine lights, busted radiators, dead batteries, and the guy with the rig, but in the new book “The Big Tow” by Ann McMan, a wired starter isn’t the only thing that’s hot.

Each of them was chuck full of that dubious sort of pride that has busted up more than one love-fiesta.

I am being busted here by party named Hutchinson.70 Seems good.

Dem Yankees went in de big house an' dey tored an' busted up all dey pleased, dey eben throwed de clothes all ober de yard.

And there was nice split-bottom chairs, and perfectly sound, too—not bagged down in the middle and busted, like an old basket.

Some of the boys around here have been telling me that you were all busted up about that girl you married.

There isn't a one of them in the whole world that's worth getting busted up over.

If your machine isn't busted, you hike right along, and maybe you'll beat the other chap yet.

I'm goin', right now, an' with nothin' on me no more'n a jack-knife with a busted blade!

I were thinkin' maybe she's just got a busted plank, and her timbers are sound.