Bustled [noun]

Definition of Bustled:

quick and busy activity

Synonyms of Bustled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bustled:

Sentence/Example of Bustled:

The Anne Arundel County town has become her escape from the bustle of Washington, where she practices real estate sales.

Not necessarily to die, but for everything to pause, like a coma, like I could remove myself from the hustle and bustle of every day and go somewhere quiet.

Some of our busiest city centers resemble ghost towns, missing the usual bustle of passing trade.

There was no dog with her, and in the bustle that followed, I forgot to seek further for the solution of those two fiery lights.

Accustomed to the bustle and hurry of a soldier's life, he was too old to acquire the tastes of a life of tranquillity.

You will forget me in the bustle of your career, monsieur; but I shall always hold your memory very dear and very gratefully.

Those were busy days in the history of the “Anchor,” and the constant stream of poorer wayfarers added to the bustle.

Miss Carrington heard the bustle in the class, so she sat up and looked out over the room with asperity.

The bustle in the streets was astonishing, especially in those set apart for the sale of provisions.

My serious turn and studious habits have preserved me alike from the follies of dissipation and from the bustle of intrigue.