Busybodies [noun]

Definition of Busybodies:

nosy, impertinent person

Synonyms of Busybodies:

Opposite/Antonyms of Busybodies:


Sentence/Example of Busybodies:

You'd have married me last fall if some busybody hadn't filled your ears with scandal.

Without playing the part of the busybody, we may study the facts of human nature, and be aware of the developments of society.

But this was risky; it would bring him in view of a kitchen window whence some busybody might observe him.

She vaguely knew this lady for a busybody, but she was in a situation which even busybodies might alleviate.

They may support you, or they may call you an interfering busybody for your pains; you'll have to take your chance of that.

An honest fellow, but something of a busybody, I should say.

Some long-headed busybody might stumble on our secret and undo us.

A careless and innocent word to that old busybody, Ahmed Mirka Pasha, at my table—that began it.

He hurried across the kitchen in a busybody sort of stride and followed Yuma into the darkness.

To answer a busybody throwing doubts upon the statement of an honourable gentleman is a mistake.