Busying [verb]

Definition of Busying:

be busy with

Synonyms of Busying:

Opposite/Antonyms of Busying:

Sentence/Example of Busying:

Rather than look at other busy boxes online, Adams came up with his own vision.

When there’s not much to do but sit around the fire and look up at the stars each evening, having something to keep your hands busy—like a wooden stick for making carvings—can be a game changer.

Kemp said she’s been so busy reporting that she hasn’t yet filed papers to incorporate her nonprofit.

The average busy adult will need well over 2,000 calories per day to maintain good health and energy.

Eric performs with Detour, a theater troupe in Scottsdale, but rehearsals aren’t enough to keep him busy.

In Iowa, Lenss has his eye on the holidays, usually among the airport’s busiest times of year.

South Allen Street was busy but not crowded, and through bar windows, she could see the Penn State game on TV.

She’s busy running her nonprofit and was involved in a lawsuit that contributed to the decision to ban police use of tear gas on protesters over the summer.

Take into account that the elections office is probably very busy processing higher-than-usual numbers of absentee ballot applications.

A power bank is a must-have tool for anyone living a busy life on the go.