Busyness [noun]

Definition of Busyness:

hard work

Synonyms of Busyness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Busyness:

Sentence/Example of Busyness:

Tom, standing with hat in hand, was impressed with his busyness.

Phillida was framed in the open square, and shook a dustcloth at us by way of greeting and evidence of her busyness.

The men whose devoted lives have made history great have seen in creation's busyness more than aimless shuddering.

There can nothing equal the busyness of a man hastening to perfect his arrangements before a flight of ducks is due to start.

The week after the home-coming from the Massachusetts trolley trip was a time of busyness for the Ethels and Dorothy.

With this there fell a great busyness, the men going, some to the turrets, some to the magazines below.

There had been the Honeycomb; its busyness still informed by the hotel spirit of "Dwell as if about to depart."

It seemed I could spend eternity in this gentle ardent busyness.

Samarra camp was a swirl of dust after the day's busyness; almost a faery place in the last sunlight.

I discovered soon that his hard busyness was no more than a veneer and that his freer self still lived, but in confinement.