But [preposition]

Definition of But:

indicating contrast

Synonyms of But:

Opposite/Antonyms of But:


Sentence/Example of But:

When he first worked her she had the old bee-but boiler, 24 feet in diameter.

Till now one with sudden hiss: "But-good Christ-just look-why, the roof's leaning—!"

Our friend with his infinite variety and flexibility, we know-but can we put him in?

Eligible single gentlemen pass and repass-but there is no invitation for to inquire within or without.

And again there came to Honoria that ache of longing for the but-half-disclosed glory and fulness of life.

Scarcely any President was ever elected with such all-but unanimity, and the Press was equally undivided in its praises.

We are going to catch a next-door-but-one chicken, and pay the Janeways for him to-morrow.

Its not that Im not fit for you,no mans that!but Im made so that Id rather go to the devil than be fit for you.

Ive been cipherin down to the fact that I cant go it alone, any moren you,there we agree; hold on, now!but I cant combine.

With mud and willows the beavers repaired the breaks in the but-little-damaged dam of the old pond.