Butch [adjective]

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Of course 'Butch' is more in keeping, but I do believe that Christian adds to his dignity in spite of his ears.

His immediate superior was "Butch," but his ultimate superior was Mr. Cressy, the steward; and to him he now went.

Their first endeavor was to capture "Butch" McCoy, the leader of the gang.

"Why don't yer hide yer fat carcass," sung out Butch' in fierce wrath.

The fatigue of the past two days and night had kept me somewhat in the rear of the party, with Butch' and "Fatty."

Brighton Bill and Butch' constituted themselves not only my medical men, but my nurses.

Brighton Bill and Butch', I knew, would stand by me in almost any case, whether they agreed with me or not.

Butch' had meanwhile seated himself at a square deal table in one of the corners of the room.

"He'd do the old boy more good by ridding the country of them cussed red devils, than by any other way," was the reply of Butch'.

However, where we had first seen it, Butch' affirmed that he had discovered the track of a white man.