Butchery [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Butchery:

The Seneschal turned to her again with his unanswered questions touching the end of that butchery above-stairs.

To be sure, he might kill the dog with the hatchet, but such butchery was repugnant to him, and he quickly dismissed the idea.

The warmth of the flowing blood and the site of the shocking butchery made Fergan reel with dizziness.

Prison after prison was invested, entered, and under the same form of proceeding made the scene of the same inhuman butchery.

The whole sight was a good deal like butchery, and Colin felt a little uncomfortable.

At that time the Sultan had just completed the butchery of many Armenians.

And a very fair speculation no doubt it is, this pedlar butchery.

When all the butchery was finished, a few helpless and infirm survivors were dragged out of hiding-places.

The counsellor who took the fee, The witnesses and referee, The judge who granted the decree, Died in that wholesale butchery.

The noble savage engaged in the most congenial occupation of his heart, that of butchery, is not seen at his best.