Butte [noun]

Definition of Butte:

small hill

Synonyms of Butte:

Opposite/Antonyms of Butte:

Sentence/Example of Butte:

He dashed off at a full run for the butte, closely followed by Texas Smith and Coronado.

The lesser one remained flitting about the house, or to and fro between here and Antelope Butte.

It was a bluff or butte of limestone which innumerable years had converted into marl, and for the most part into earth.

With his field-glass Thurstane discovered what he judged to be another similar structure crowning a distant butte.

This high lonely butte stands on the borderland between the country of the Pawnees and the country of the Dakotas.

And at night the grim chill of the rare air of the high butte gripped their bodies in its clutch.

The camps of the Dakotas surrounded the butte, laying siege to it to starve the Pawnees out.

The Dakotas were unable to follow the Pawnees upon the butte, for the Pawnees were able to guard the single narrow path.

In the northwest part of Nebraska there is a high butte with perpendicular sides like the walls of a great building.

Small bands of hunters were out toward Pumpkin Butte two days before.