Buttery [adjective]

Definition of Buttery:

containing butter

Synonyms of Buttery:

Opposite/Antonyms of Buttery:


Sentence/Example of Buttery:

The Usher orders whats wanted from the Buttery: a link from the Chandler, and ale and wine.

Mrs. Solly Joel as she passed daily through the prison gate was a complete buttery.

I will serve the Duke of Christendom, and do him more credit in his cellar than all the plate in his buttery; is't not so, lad?

Aunt Phyllis went to the spring-house for the milk and the butter, and to the buttery for some other things.

The Washington crest, in colored glass, was to be seen in a window of what is now the buttery.

The butler drank of the wine in the buttery, and then handed it to the cup-bearer in a covered vessel.

Drink as well as food had to be assayed twice, once in the buttery and again in the hall.

An open fire was another treat to me; and I remember being much intrigued by a buttery-hatch in the background.

Oh, well, yes, a bit bread-and-buttery; but you want a different sort for your wife than you do for your mistress!

Afternoon—should they suffer the pangs of hunger—a maunchet of bread from the pantry bar, and a gallon of ale at the buttery bar.