Buttonhole [noun]

Definition of Buttonhole:

flower arrangement

Synonyms of Buttonhole:

Opposite/Antonyms of Buttonhole:


Sentence/Example of Buttonhole:

And there on the quay, with a flower in his buttonhole and a smile on his fat face, stood Mr. Ras Fendihook.

Cut the buttonhole slot, then punch a hole at the end with an ordinary belt punch.

In making the buttonhole stitch, keep the needle close against the metal edge of the guide, as shown.

It is almost impossible to make a perfect buttonhole in the ordinary manner by hand without a guide.

"You will find out by and by," said Uncle William, coming in with a red rose in his buttonhole.

And now here was Maitland advancing towards us with one of Parkers aunts yellow roses in his buttonhole.

Akuy nagsinad-ung sa sidsid, I sewed the hem with buttonhole stitches.

He was very vain of his neat appearance, even to the wearing of a fresh-cut flower in his buttonhole.

Afterward, he noticed that his grandfather always wore a little red ribbon in his buttonhole.

The old Italian came out dressed in his best suit of clothes black broadcloth, flower in his buttonhole, and so on.