Buttonholed [verb]

Definition of Buttonholed:

pressure, trouble

Synonyms of Buttonholed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Buttonholed:

Sentence/Example of Buttonholed:

Mr. Carlyon, who had been watching for his opportunity, buttonholed Maddison, and led him into a corner.

“I suppose I ought to have stayed and buttonholed him in spite of himself,” he thought, ruefully.

There were a good many persons there, and a foreign minister immediately buttonholed the Under-Secretary of State.

Half an hour later the Squire buttonholed Peignton in a corner of the room, and gave him his instructions.

I started out to offer my services, but some one buttonholed me for the next Stunt; I had forgotten I was in it.

The very first officer she saw she sailed up to and buttonholed much to my horror.

As each member came by I buttonholed him, and got him to promise to give something toward the extinguishing of that debt.

In each case the rest of the crew buttonholed their late stroke, and put the screw upon him to beg pardon, and with success.

Nettie is staying with me, and as she is enthusiastic over antiquities I was bringing her here when Mrs. Vicar buttonholed me.

He is a big man in his way, and I was rather surprised when he buttonholed me after the ladies had left the room.