Buxom [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Buxom:

Old Mrs. Wurzel and the buxom but not too well-favoured heiress of the house of Grains were at the head of the table.

Again she was buxom and blooming, one whose hand you would take instead of offering an arm.

So resplendent was their appearance that the proud father hardly recognized his two buxom daughters in their gay attire.

Buxom were Craigiebuckle's "dochters," and Jamie was Janet's accepted suitor.

Hence the bright wards, the buxom attendants, the frequent jinks.

All eyes turned curiously towards a stalwart young fellow who was trying to escape with a buxom young woman clinging to his arm.

A buxom, tow-headed girl comes clattering into the courtyard, draws a pail of water and moves sinuously out.

From being a delicate, consumptive child, Mrs. Hal had developed into a buxom woman with exuberant health and spirits.

"Christian don't know the fun o't, and 'twould be a fine sight for him," said a buxom woman.

He remembered Mrs. Cobbett definitely, as a buxom, merry-looking young woman.