Buyers [noun]

Definition of Buyers:

someone who purchases

Synonyms of Buyers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Buyers:

Sentence/Example of Buyers:

The lack of bill buyers in foreign countries who will quote as low rates on dollar as on sterling bills.

There I deal direct with the San Francisco buyers—and in this launch; it serves me very well as an office.

They were filled with cold tea, and the buyers sued for the deceit that had been practiced on them.

The leaf is excellent, and is in request by many buyers of Eastern tobaccos.

Vast quantities of goods are bought and sent forward to buyers, which are not to be delivered until payment.

More recently, statutes have cleared away the difficulty, and are a great protection to buyers.

One of the buyers ahead of Sara Lee seemed exhilarated by the danger ahead.

We assumed the character of cattle-buyers, Mr. Pollard furnishing us with cattle-whips to make the assumption plausible.

And then come the small buyers, the neat servants, the stout housewives, all with their baskets or string bags.

When thou art the only purchaser, then buy; when other buyers are present, be thou nobody.