Buzzer [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Buzzer:

One satisfactory way is by the use of a miniature buzzer transmitter.

Another hour, and a rising hum from a buzzer beside him gave warning of approach to the destination he had fixed.

The buzzer which he had expected to roar in his ears was only a faint drone, and above it he could easily hear other sounds.

He joined them at dinner when the great buzzer told half a county that it was half-past twelve.

If the armature and its connections are also used from the buzzer, the height of the coils must be taken in consideration.

Her manicured nail pressed the buzzer three times to signal she was going to lunch.

A buzzer, as unobtrusive as were all the characteristics of Financier Marston, sounded its meek purr.

Mr. Philip Slotman touched the electric buzzer on his desk and then watched the door.

He had just poured out his second cup, when the telephone buzzer behind him jarred.

He set the buzzer ringing, and in a few seconds heard voices, so he knew she had been found.