Bygone [adjective]

Definition of Bygone:

in the past

Opposite/Antonyms of Bygone:

Sentence/Example of Bygone:

The schools’ marching bands played only on that screen and only in past appearances, meaning some clarinetist or other might have graduated without ever playing at a Rose Bowl, only to emerge from bygone to play at a Rose Bowl.

I deployed across the vast Pacific Ocean with a hundred other sailors on the USS Connecticut, a Seawolf-class ship engineered in the bygone Cold War era to be one of the fastest, quietest, and deepest-diving submersibles ever constructed.

The "organ beater" of bygone days was invariably accompanied by the "organ pumper," often by several of them.

But he failed to impose upon the Colonel, and was even far from impressing him with this trumped-up knowledge of bygone days.

It is indeed in the fancy of Shakespeare that this bygone sweetness and irony seem the oftener to be kindled and awakened.

Greetings to you and other Speculatives of our date, long bygone, alas!

In the regions of the Midi, of bygone civilization, historical castles still standing are rare.

To look back, and to stereotype one bygone humour—what a hopeless thing!

Nowhere perhaps has the great water erosion of bygone aeons wrought more grotesquely and fantastically than in the Moqui basin.

If other countries acted in a similar manner, how could the grievances of bygone centuries ever be forgotten?