Bypasses [verb]

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The most energy-efficient of these is the bypass humidifier, which extracts the existing moisture from the house’s ductwork and collects it in a tray, where it is evaporated and redistributed.

Somehow, he survived two heart attacks, one cardiac arrest, a quadruple bypass, diabetes and crippling falls.

If the bypass is pulled wide open, the motors beyond do not turn; for the oil fails to reach them.

At will we pass it into our distant motors, allowing some to escape back in this direction through a bypass.

Dark slowed and entered the cloverleaf that took him onto the bypass expressway.

For you tithe mint and rue and every herb, but you bypass justice and the love of God.

Driving the loose horses at full run, the women and children raced toward that bypass.

And precisely the same word—pathetic—came up between them in the matter of Miss Bypass.

Miss Bypass gave the impression of bracing herself, as though against suspected attack.

Miss Bypass, delivered of her sharp words, was deeper flushed, her head drawn back.