Byproduct [noun]

Definition of Byproduct:

development, product

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Sentence/Example of Byproduct:

Other by-products included similar petrochemicals, such as ethylene and propylene, which can be used to make plastics.

Mines globally produce enough mineral by-products to capture nearly 40 million tons of carbon dioxide per year, according to the National Academies study.

Aerial photos of the vast ponds of tailings—a thick, oily by-product of the extraction process—have long sparked pushback by environmentalists.

Or, to put it in other words, medival witchcraft was a byproduct of the civilisation of the Roman Empire.

An astonishing byproduct of the national despair and turmoil was the feverish activity in all fields of creative endeavor.

Benzol from byproduct coking ovens also can be used, but quantitatively is totally inadequate.

A large part of decision is intuitive; it is the byproduct of the subconscious.

The chief byproduct of the plant is creosote, of which about 70,000 gallons are shipped to eastern markets each year.

The cook, although upset by my reference to kings, lost none of the dignity of serving the byproduct of the Alaska cod.

Thus the initial stage in the making of clothes may have been a byproduct of the hunting habit.