Byway [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Byway:

On our return from Helmsley, we noticed a byway leading across the moorland with a sign-board pointing the way "to Coxwold."

It meant that he knew every trail and byway for miles about Temple Camp.

Everything appealed to me; every broad way and byway in the vast forest of life sent me galloping down it in exploration.

The roads were sometimes good, and sometimes as execrable as a colonial byway in winter, with mud up to the axles.

I am sorry to hear it: the Duc de Noailles should not forsake the high road for such a byway.

A shady byway of judicial encroachment is thus rather surreptitiously indicated.

You ride on then at reduced speed along a camouflaged byway for perhaps fifteen minutes.

John Steele looked around; in a byway he saw the lighted window of a cheap oyster buffet.

She came running down the byway, shouting before she appeared in sight of the party to know if all were well.

The good Father kilted up his gown, and together they ran through the nearest byway to that street.