Byzantine [adjective]

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Historians have often downplayed the political and cultural role of the Secret History in Byzantine society.

There are many ways for the system to go awry, but usually it’s because the administrative agency, the applicant, the employer or some combination of them made a mistake somewhere in the Byzantine claims process.

So Restaurants Rally the Vote established ambassadors at each participating restaurant to help coworkers navigate Byzantine voting requirements, registration dates, and misinformation.

The schism was not confined to the narrow limits of the Byzantine empire.

It was reserved for Finlay to depict, with greater knowledge and a juster perception, the lights and shades of Byzantine history.

The corrupt Gothic of Venice furnishes us with a curious instance of the one, and the corrupt Byzantine of the other.

At Verona it is, indeed, less Byzantine, but possesses a character of richness and tenderness almost peculiar to that city.

Now observe, the old Byzantine mosaicist begins his work at enormous disadvantage.

Byzantine filigree work occasionally has small stones set amongst the curves or knots.

On account of his mild and just reign he has been called the Byzantine Marcus Aurelius.