Caballeros [noun]

Definition of Caballeros:

spanish knight

Synonyms of Caballeros:

Opposite/Antonyms of Caballeros:


Sentence/Example of Caballeros:

"No, seor—I have no brother: that caballero, he is only a——a friend of my father's," she answered confusedly.

The change became him; he seemed a larger and handsomer man for it; he looked the caballero and almost the hidalgo.

You must feel like myself, Caballero, inclined to draw breath after so long a ride; shall we rest together?

Yes, he is a true Caballero; unfortunately, there are not many officers like him in the Mexican army.

And you think yourself still in a position to answer for the discretion of this caballero?

The caballero was in the act of saying some very sensible thing which I should be very sorry further to interrupt.

"It would be with the greatest pleasure that I should accept your obliging offer, caballero," answered the partisan.

"That caballero and the persons of his suite," answered the old chief, affirmatively nodding his head.

Pardon, caballero, this is the second: we have now stopped near the Rio Guachipas, have we not?

Good bye, caballero; I am going to join Bloodson; we shall meet again soon.