Cabana [noun]

Definition of Cabana:

tiny house; lodging

Synonyms of Cabana:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cabana:


Sentence/Example of Cabana:

There Felicidad is staying in the cabana of my mother, and to there I shall be glad to guide you.

Quesada made his way into the cabana where he had left Felicidad.

Ah, there has been some little domestic trouble in her cabana this night!

The five Competitor prisoners have been released from Cabana fortress after an imprisonment of nearly twenty months.

And what poor serrano can provision his good wife and his cabana full of lusty brats by hunting the Spanish ibex?

Guided and aided by the matador, Carson stumbled down the uneven street toward Quesada's cabana.

Lip quivering but head held with a quiet proud demeanor, she turned toward the cabana wherein the American lay.

He went from cabana to choza outside, bringing brandy and nutritive food to the convalescing.

All the while, unwaveringly, his gray quartz eyes remained fixed on the certain cabana which had been given over to Felicidad.

All the while, as he listened, he eyed Don Jaime with fearful anxiety as the physician moved in and out from choza to cabana.