Cabaret [noun]

Definition of Cabaret:

nightclub with musical performances

Synonyms of Cabaret:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cabaret:


Sentence/Example of Cabaret:

It is a narrow lane, and there is a cabaret at each corner of it.

Despite this clue to Miss Weston's character, we were disappointed and surprised at her conduct in the Paris cabaret.

She sat first with her one friend in the establishment, who was a kindly but hardened cabaret singer.

The house was near a noted cabaret, to which they sometimes resorted, at the Saint-Sulpice end of the street.

He was expected to maintain the dignity of the government on a salary that a cabaret performer would count beneath contempt.

At every crowded street corner, vice beckons, and glaring signs lure the curious boy into the vicious cabaret and dance-hall.

Nothing can exceed the fun and frolic which his subjects display, picked up among every class, from the court down to the cabaret.

Hes something of a hick, you know, and especially in regard to this Sherry and midnight cabaret stuff.

She met Larry in the Sunside Lounge, a cabaret as nice as any terran nightclub she had ever seen.

Donald Bacon was clamoring to take her to the cabaret party.