Cabbie [noun]

Definition of Cabbie:

driver of hired car

Synonyms of Cabbie:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cabbie:


Sentence/Example of Cabbie:

Cabbie gave up trying to explain the majesty of the great Abbey to one so utterly obtuse as Sedgwick seemed to be.

The cabbie turned aside into a paved drive and halted his taxi beside a large building that had a distinct air of gentility.

"No offense, Mac," the cabbie said, sounding obscurely troubled.

"Hey, that's a nice place," the cabbie said heartily, as they started off.

"The worst is nothing compared to those boys," the cabbie said.

"Because Shellenberger was State's attorney, after all," the cabbie said.

"Why, it is better than even that I still can," the cabbie said.

The cabbie took the money with haste and politeness and stowed it away.

"We'll, you're doing the right thing," the cabbie said, turning back to the road again.

Cabbie looked at him for an instant, then whipped up his horses and hurried him to the hotel.