Cabdriver [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Cabdriver:

One of them is a cabdriver, and the other one is an electrician at Union Terminal.

I saw the cabdriver beside his cab, and saw a man cutting from one side of the street to the other.

Oh, yes; the ambulance already left before I ever left with the cabdriver.

Didn't you learn from the cabdriver that he hadn't taken him to 1026 North Beckley?

A Paris cabdriver, much vexed by the success of the omnibus, then just introduced, determined to start an opposition.

Some years later my informant again found himself warmly accosted by the prepossessing young cabdriver.

He stretched out his hand to the little wad of notes which Duson had left upon the table, but the cabdriver backed away.

There was a report that a cabdriver had picked up Tippit's gun and had left, presumably.

A garrywaller is a cabdriver, but "garry" is the general term used when speaking of that class.

Lastly, supposing one man wished to dog another through London, what better means could he adopt than to turn cabdriver.