Cabins [noun]

Definition of Cabins:

tiny house; lodging

Synonyms of Cabins:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cabins:


Sentence/Example of Cabins:

The latter trod on the toes of the former, whereupon the former threatened to "kick out of the cabin" the latter.

Dinner was spread in the cabin of that peerless steamer, the New World, and a splendid company were assembled about the table.

But he was so surprisingly dexterous with his lips, and feet too, when he was in his cabin that I suppose I put them down to that.

I pulled the saddle off my horse, slapped it down on the dirt floor, and went stalking up to the long cabin.

They slept at a miserable cabin in one of the clearings, and at early dawn pushed on, reaching the Cahuilla village before noon.

We two of the Society have a wooden cabin in which we can scarcely turn around when we have a table in it.

They soon reached the house, which seemed very large beside Alila's little cabin.

The neighbours were very kind and gave the family shelter and food until Alila and his father had finished building a cabin.

The launch was about twenty feet long with a small cabin and a fresh coat of brown paint.

You may not be able to obtain a stateroom upon all occasions when traveling, and must then sleep in the ladies' cabin.