Cabs [noun]

Definition of Cabs:

car for hire

Synonyms of Cabs:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cabs:


Sentence/Example of Cabs:

It seemed rather strange to be spoken to by a cab-horse, but Davy answered that he was feeling quite well.

But Mamma and Papa and Judy had quitted the cab, and all the luggage was being taken into the house.

He got her into a cab at last, and they had reached the Haggards' house in May Fair, at which, they were stopping for the night.

Then, his hand resting on the handle of the cab-door, this expression suddenly changed to one of alert suspicion.

Come away, my lady; it won't be long till we meet a cab or something to fetch us where you please.

Aristide gave the order to the cabman and took the little seat in the cab facing his employers.

She gathered the documents and placed them in the box, went upstairs, slowly packed her belongings, and called a cab.

Burland hailed a passing cab, ordered the driver to keep Carlson's car in sight.

Rounding a corner, Black Hood sighted a taxi cab cruising along.

And if you can possibly prevent that woman behind catching the first cab so much the better.