Cachet [noun]

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The cultural value of declaring oneself a Peace Prize nominee, though, has proven irresistible, given the cachet still associated with the prize.

At first you wished you’d been assigned someone with a little more cachet.

At first glance, Shenandoah National Park doesn’t have the obvious cachet of some other units in the park system.

It’s hardly surprising that growth has gained cachet as the better place to be.

Each cachet contained three decigrams of malourea, the insidious drug notorious under its trade name of Veronal.

A lettre de cachet was sent after him to Bordeaux; but he avoided it by crossing into Spain.

To think that any man of our free colony would use a lettre de cachet, and against a brother Canadian!

He procured lettres de cachet from the King, and shut up his disobedient and debauched son in various state-prisons.

There was no difficulty in obtaining this lettre de cachet, and the poor wretch was arrested and taken to the Bastille.

He had effected his escape none too soon, for the very next day (June 10, 1749), a lettre de cachet for his arrest was issued.