Cackled [noun]

Definition of Cackled:

a loud laugh

Synonyms of Cackled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cackled:


Sentence/Example of Cackled:

The latter, fastened by the legs to the rails of the wagons, kept up a deafening cackle.

When she heard a hen cackle she always ran to look for the nest, and one day she discovered one under the fruit-shed.

"Hold your—cackle," cried one, "he is going to sing;" and the whole party had their eyes turned with expectation towards the bird.

Her hard but not unmusical laugh had given place to a grating cackle, and a leer of affected gaiety had replaced the merry eye.

How the young hens would giggle if I did, and how the old ones would cackle!

They listened to some foolish women's cackle—teetotal cant, I call it—and refused me anything.

Hardly were the words out than the bird rose, shrilling forth his loud, alarmed cackle.

Matt went off to his mowing, and Louise heard the cackle of his machine before she reached the camp with Maxwell's letters.

I seem to hear broilers cackling; or don't fowls cackle in the spring-time of their youth?

A harsh, thin cackle behind the curtains put the hillman on his mettle for a second shot.