Cackling [verb]

Definition of Cackling:

laugh irritatingly

Synonyms of Cackling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cackling:


Sentence/Example of Cackling:

A man with your tongue would be an affinity for a cackling old woman!

Whichever I summoned came flapping up to me, cackling or crowing as the case might be, whether cock or hen.

Cermigniani and Melillo were listening to the brilliant tittle-tattle of Bencini, with his cackling speech and his dry laugh.

Ma, who was greatly concerned during the turn of affairs, suffered from prolonged attacks of cackling.

I fling myself upon it, tear the little drawer open—hurl the bundle of letters into the grate with a cackling laugh.

It was about two o'clock in the afternoon, and I suddenly heard a strange sound, that of our fowl cackling.

I stand pat, just where I stood at first, and it'll take a lot uh cackling to make me back down.

Then, long after, when all my cackling geese have cackled into bed again, I go up to the roof and across into the next house.

I seem to hear broilers cackling; or don't fowls cackle in the spring-time of their youth?

The wild-geese have waked up, and they are heard cackling on their joyous flights, and now and then a gull or tern screams.