Cadaverous [adjective]

Definition of Cadaverous:

pale, corpselike

Synonyms of Cadaverous:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cadaverous:

Sentence/Example of Cadaverous:

A lean, cadaverous boy from along the mountain, a born enemy of the lads of the village, had dared me.

Caroline's first child is a pale, cadaverous little girl that will not live.

He had a particularly imperturbable butler with a cadaverous sad face and an eye of rigid disapproval.

The cadaverous man in the blue jacket turned to the man in the black garment of similar cut.

"Capitalistic dictatorships, he means," the cadaverous man in the blue jacket explained.

Cadaverous, simply because he was too parsimonious to provide sufficient nourishing food to meet the demands of such a huge body.

He drew up with such an inhuman gleam in his cadaverous eyes that the customs man drew back.

He is a fearful-looking deity, cadaverous as a skeleton, and wrapped in a winding sheet.

There was the same slouching gait; the same cadaverous face covered with a black beard.

He was a cadaverous-looking personage, but an idealist, and earnest in the cause of universal peace.