Cadence [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Cadence:

In connection with this comes the consideration of slides and the finer modulations of tone-color, movement, and cadence.

Every cadence of their voices, every gesture, proclaimed the radical difference of nature and calibre.

And the very tone in which she spoke, the lingering cadence of her voice, betrayed her love.

He could hear the cadence of them now, beating through his head in premonitory measures.

To every clap of thunder he replied with a blow of his hammer, making a cadence which was audible even amidst that tumult.

The answer to the questions was still more pathetic in cadence.

"He sets the alarm for half-past seven," said Macnooder in cadence.

Few poets have approached him in the successful writing of blank verse, which has a delightful cadence as well as calm strength.

We upon the Earth are in the habit of saying, with regretful cadence, Life is short.

It was at Tangier that he first struck the grander chord, the throbbing cadence of human story.