Cadets [noun]

Definition of Cadets:

military trainee

Synonyms of Cadets:

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Sentence/Example of Cadets:

The young artillery cadet had both determination and capacity and his early career foreshadowed his future success.

The constable stared at the cadet for a moment and then his jaw dropped and likewise the club in his hand.

He lifted the other cadet as high as he could and with a shove sent him rolling on the ice beyond.

What he really obtained in Italy was little more than a splendid provision for a cadet of his house.

Then several boys appeared, dressed in cadet uniforms, for Putnam Hall was a military academy.

The School Cadet Corps could not accept the mass of recruits that demanded to be enrolled.

Popular for la fille du cadet, another example of the survival of an Old French construction among the common people.

Loring, the young engineer, had waved a cordial good-by to his old cadet acquaintance.

One cadet endeavoured to immortalise himself by coming down over the “futtocks” with one arm and one leg.

On a cadet being reduced to the second or third class, the fact was reported to his parents or guardians.