Cadging [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Cadging:

Sir Cadge was about the same age as the famous beauty, and rose quite two inches above her lofty head.

You can ask anybody in Bursley or Hanbridge whether I'm the sort of man to go out on the cadge.

Thus the inevitable informing larrikin, eager to cadge a drink from the tourist on shore leave.

Mr. Cadge retired from the office of senior surgeon on October 4th.

"Them as 'as a good paying business don't know wot it means to look for a job," pursued Cadge bitterly.

They entertained hopes of sneaking off alone when they should go home for lunch, but Mr. Cadge had provided for this contingency.

They sympathetically related to Mrs. Cadge the events of the morning which had led to her husband's arrest.

But he had scarcely emitted three puffs before the piping voice of Arabella Cadge was again wafted to his ears.

The certificate of freedom was formally presented in a silver casket to Mr. Cadge at the Guildhall on March 21st.

Why, no; of course Cadge knows it's the pictures that count; everybody knows that.