Cafe [noun]

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In summer, the tiny camp café hosts an all-you-can-eat pancake breakfast every morning.

The café reintroduces the idea that the landscape there belongs to the people.

Pre-pandemic, they were set to open a café inside, but as a permanent indoor restaurant no longer became viable, Hilton says that the parties agreed to imagine an environment in plein air to enjoy sips and bites overlooking the elegant Potomac.

Jennifer Windbeck, senior vice president and head of branches, cafés, and private banking at Capital One, says women no longer have to present as “male” to make it in the field.

We parents hung back on the sidewalk and happily waved them off before grabbing an obligatory coffee at the nearby café.

Where to find coffee sacksThe simplest way is to ask at a local café that roasts their own beans.

They take in a couple of French papers at this cafe, and the same number of Belgian journals.

Their generosity did not suffice for his dissipations, his cafe bills and his unbridled taste for billiards.

No long endless tables and big red velvet divans, as in a cafe!

At Tarascon, in a cafe, an hour ago; fifteen men attacked me, and I seized a knife to defend myself.