Cafeteria [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Cafeteria:

In the cavernous high school cafeteria, Judy and the board sat before the socially distanced attendees.

The buffet adds the feel of a hospital cafeteria, the people dining look close to death or knowingly waiting to die.

Yes, someone tells me — an all-you-can-eat Taco Bell existed in her dorm cafeteria.

Over a number of years, the company took over so much office space—even repurposing an entire building to serve as its corporate cafeteria—that some in Silicon Valley complained it had “sucked the life out of the startup ecosystem in Palo Alto.”

There are also outdoor hallways and outdoor cafeteria space that many other districts don’t have on such a widespread scale.

While the roboticist puffed, Mike let his gaze wander idly over the other people in the cafeteria.

There is provided a cafeteria at which the children can purchase at a small cost their noonday meal.

I ate my dinner at the hospital cafeteria after work each night and had TV dinners or ate out on the weekends.

Got some cakes and a little ice-cream in the bottom of a freezer from the company cafeteria.

It is said that in time they acquire a cafeteria shuffle which one can detect even on the street.