Cahoots [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Cahoots:

Lawyer Feeder, who run for state senator an' whose record's none too dainty, is in cahoots with Jordan an' Plimsoll.

Now Lewis says these men pack to an' fro from Elgeria, an' he has a hunch they're in cahoots with Smith, who runs a place there.

Well, the story got around, and so it was, and from that day forth the black boy was 'Cahoots.'

Weve also suspected that you have been in cahoots with him, continued the lieutenant in casual tones.

I'm to load 'em up with misrepresentations about how you and the sheriff happen to be working in cahoots.

"I sort of expected we'd all go cahoots," said Skippy reluctantly.

The reason he said it was because most of the things we have we have sort of in cahoots, the three of us.

What puzzles me is as to who was in cahoots with him, mused Joe.

But if something is fishy about the mate too, then perhaps he's in cahoots with her.

Dont you know her uncle and Carrington are in cahoots in this deal?