Cairn [noun]

Definition of Cairn:

monument, testimonial in honor, praise

Synonyms of Cairn:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cairn:


Sentence/Example of Cairn:

On his left hand and behind him lay the rich belt of woodland that marked the courses of the rivers Cluden and Cairn.

His Grace sent Castalia a beautiful wedding present: a cairn-gorm, set in solid silver.

And now, behold, I break open the piled stones of your cairn, and I let in the noon between your ribs.

My experience was such by this time that I saw at a glance this cairn was not the work of a native.

We can go no further till we find an unrifled cairn burial answering to Homeric descriptions.

Dovers built a small cairn on the summit of the island and took angles to the outlying rocks.

Then we built a little cairn to mark his resting-place for future use, and wandered on in search of the rest of his party.

I cannot commence my observations at the cairn till I have warmed my hands over a dung fire.

Every barn he knew, and cairn and croft and steeple recalled stories of his boyhood.

They frequently wandered around Ralph's grave, and never omitted adding a stone to the cairn, which they had raised to his memory.