Caitiff [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Caitiff:

"Then I wash my hands of it all," cried the little self-deceiving caitiff; and he affected to have nothing to do with it.

"The misproud and amphibious caitiff puts the monk upon me," said Richard to the Earl of Salisbury.

The tyrant came to him, and with the poor caitiff's own whinger first struck him in the breast, and afterwards cast it at him.

Alas that ever such a caitiff-knight as I am should have power by unhappiness to hurt the most noblest knight of the world.

The caitiff yields quickest; the man who loves danger and adventure holds out longest.

The constable has sworn that the caitiff had pea-green hair.

Think not of us—think not of revenging yourself upon this caitiff.

Thereupon the villein, the caitiff, the felon, climbeth up and taketh the bird.

Caitiff, proceed to thy duty; and remember, that if my hand can no longer clasp a dagger, I can command an hundred.

Here, some of you, toss this caitiff into the horse trough; that for once in his life he may be washed clean.