Cajoling [verb]

Definition of Cajoling:

attempt to coax; flatter

Opposite/Antonyms of Cajoling:

Sentence/Example of Cajoling:

If you were going to try to cajole him, you might tell him that at least you weren’t suggesting sticking something up his butt, but I don’t even suggest doing this.

Alexander then turned his whole attention to cajoling the French ambassador in order to gain time.

Vauvinet conducted the three friends to the landing of the staircase, cajoling Bixiou on the way.

On the contrary, they will expose his true character and unmask his deception to the poor dupes whom he is cajoling and deluding.

He compelled Anthony to drink an equal portion with himself, alternately frightening and cajoling the old man.

Seeing that the indignation of her mistress merely amused the condottiere the dwarf took a cajoling tone.

Democracy is in practice nothing but a device for cajoling from him the vote he refuses to arbitrary authority.

The Principal by turns tried severity, cajoling, and sarcasm.

Coercing fifty-pound tenants; coercing, bribing, cajoling; 'doing what he likes with his own.'

"There, I have offended you by my blunt way," said the cajoling hussy, in soft and timid tones.